Cranial 4 Kids: Paediatric Osteopath --Tracey Jones

New Borns

NewbornsWe understand that for newborns and first time mums it is often overwhelming to get out of the house, and that medical examinations can be unsettling for the baby.

We make sure that you obtain maximum benefit from your visits.

In your first appointment your history of the pregnancy will be taken along with the birth “narrative”. I like to hear your story. So bring along the blue book and any reports or tests that may have been done.

New mums frequently come to us for one or more of the following reasons

  • The birth has been difficult, prolonged or has required an epidural
  • Baby is not feeding well
  • Baby needs to feed frequently, with either a weak or a strong suck
  • Baby is very unsettled and shows signs of colic or reflux.
  • Baby is unhappy and needs to cry more than two or three hours per day.

Modern birthing practices have forgotten how important it is for the newborn and mother to be given the time and space and support to bond.

Childbirth that has needed intervention and pain relief will in some instances make the mother less likely to relax and bond with her newborn. Bonding involves the process of developing communication between you and your baby–getting to know each other. In many cases bonding will occur over time and with care.

Establishing breastfeeding is often a very difficult time for both the mother and newborn. There is always good lactation advice and nursing support available in the labour ward or at the birthing centre but when you go home with your baby you may feel less confident and begin to experience difficulties understanding your babies needs.

For some newborns the process of even a normal vaginal delivery can leave them very unsettled and traumatized needing to cry a lot.